Targeted Translation of Fit and Strong! with Lessons for the Field


The goal of this project is to advance the science of translational research by testing and evaluating processes and outcomes involved in disseminating the award-winning, evidence-based Fit and Strong! program in multiple states. We will meet this goal by achieving the following specific objectives:

  1. Develop a readiness assessment instrument that can be used to assess both the willingness and capacity of community organizations of various types and in various geographic locations to adopt and maintain Fit and Strong!;
  2. Develop and test the ability to bundle Fit and Strong! with other EBDP programs in specific states; 
  3. Identify and engage regional or national systems that have the interest and capacity to adopt and maintain Fit and Strong!; and
  4. Rapidly disseminate the Hispanic version of Fit and Strong!

Through this initiative, we will bring Fit and Strong! to a minimum of 30 new providers and 1080 new participants which will simultaneously enable us to reduce the severity of arthritis in this population and add to what is known about successful ways to disseminate evidence-based disease prevention programs for older adults.

This is a long-term, ongoing study. Learn about the current stage of this research:

Comparative Effectiveness of Customary Fit and Strong! vs. Fit and Strong! Plus
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This effort builds on previous research, including work funded by the CDC.