Social Media Evaluation of Legacy’s 2014 Truth Campaign


This project is part of the Health Media Collaboratory.

As part of the NCI-funded project Tobacco Control in a Rapidly Changing Media Environment, the Health Media Collaboratory has developed a unique set of tools to measure, characterize, and analyze the amount and content of social media messages related to tobacco use, social norms related to tobacco, policy ideas, marketing and countermarketing across social media platforms. This evaluation will leverage the Collaboratory’s existing streams of Twitter data, and expertise in the collection, management and analyses of these data to provide unique insights into the impact of Legacy’s 2014 Truth campaign. 

In this evaluation, our research aims are:

  1. Quantify the amount of Twitter content related to Truth 2014.
  2. Characterize the content of Twitter messages about Truth 2014.
  3. Assess how the campaign strategies work.
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