Reducing Environmental Health Disparities: A Fundamental Cause Approach


This grant establishes an Environmental Core, which will operate in conjunction with other Cores of the UIC Center for Excellence in Eliminating Disparities to maximize the center's environmental health disparities research capacity. Data generated from this project will be deposited into the Data Core and made available to collaborating local health disparities researchers and community advocates.

This core supports a research project that explores mechanisms explaining racial differences in exposure to environmental hazards and access to care, and in health outcomes. To achieve this objective, we will compile relevant neighborhood-level data on environmental hazards and access to care in Cook County, and link them to other social determinants data that complied in the data repository. We will use three approaches to examine the associations:

  1. We will examine the effect of racial residential segregation on the physical and social environment variables (the presence of environmental hazards and access to health care facilities).
  2. We will examine incidence and late stage diagnosis of breast, cervical, and lung cancer in relation to environmental risk factors.
  3. To examine changes in environmental conditions on health outcomes, we will explore the effect of changes in racial composition and socioeconomic status between 2000 and 2010 (relocation of racial/ethnic minorities who moved from inner-city Chicago to suburban Cook County).

This core supplements the work of a center grant:

Center of Excellence in Eliminating Disparities
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This supplemental grant establishes an Environmental Core for the Center of Excellence in Eliminating Disparities to support environmental health disparities research.