Recruitment and Retention Core: Social-Emotional Contexts of Adolescent Smoking Patterns

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Piece by Piece: Making Health Connections


The purpose of the Recruitment and Retention Core is to develop and maintain a cohort of adolescents and their parents for use in all projects, and to ensure the smooth flow of subjects across projects and over time. The coordination of participant recruitment, tracking, and retention is vital for the success of this program project since all projects draw their participants from the common established core cohort, and there is overlap in participants across projects. The specific aims of the Core are:

  1. To recruit 16 high schools to participate in the study by allowing the core to administer brief screening surveys to all 9th and 10th graders enrolled in the schools;
  2. To maintain good relationships with the high schools throughout the course of the study to aid in retention and tracking of participants;
  3. To conduct informed consent procedures and coordinate IRB matters across projects;
  4. To conduct initial screenings of adolescents to identify those eligible to participate in the longitudinal study;
  5. To recruit adolescents and their parents for participation into projects;
  6. To administer and collect questionnaires from adolescents and parents at all data collection points (baseline through 36 months) and to obtain saliva cotinine samples from adolescents at 30 months;
  7. To track and locate adolescents and parents who move during the course of the study;
  8. To coordinate the subject flow and timing of subject participation for those involved in more than one project;
  9. To maintain smooth coordination of data flow from this core to the Data Management, Measurement, and Statistics Core; and
  10. To implement strategies for recruitment and maintenance of participants (adolescents and parents) across the 36 months of the longitudinal study.
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This is a core within a program project, Social-Emotional Contexts of Adolescent Smoking Patterns. Susan J. Curry, PhD, was the principal investigator of this core until July 31, 2008.

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