Interpersonal Relationships Intervention for Improving Cardiovascular Health in Youth


This project implements a mentoring intervention that pairs low-income minority college students as mentors to low-income minority elementary school students, and investigates the effects of mentoring on the cardiovascular health of both mentees and mentors. This single intervention has the potential to create cardiovascular health benefits among both younger youth (mentees) and older youth (mentors) simultaneously through a novel approach that focuses on the beneficial influences that a social relationship between a mentor and mentee can have in helping to scaffold positive behavioral changes.

This project takes a primary prevention approach by focusing on cardiovascular risk factors that emerge during childhood and targets health disparities by focusing on an at-risk group of low-income, minority youth.

As a co-investigator in this study, Dr. David DuBois will contribute experimental evidence of whether mentors can reduce cardiometabolic risks among low-income youth mentees, and elucidate the role that serving as a mentor could play in reducing cardiometabolic risks among disadvantaged youth. He will design and oversee the evaluation of the mentoring component of the program under study.

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National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health (Grant No. R01HL136676) passed through Northwestern University (Edith Chen, PhD, principal investigator)

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