Illinois Prevention Research Center, 2004-2009


This abstract describes the work of the Illinois Prevention Research Center (IPRC), funded by the CDC Prevention Research Centers Program from 2004 to 2010.

The center's primary mission is to conduct research, translate research into practice, and measure the real-world effectiveness and dissemination of health promotion and disease prevention interventions. The IPRC’s activities concentrate in six areas and aim specifically to:

  1. Maintain collaborative relationships through an active and engaged Community Advisory Board with our community partners in southwest Chicago.
  2. Use existing population surveillance surveys to identify health targets and to monitor changes in the health risk profile of our collaborating community over time.
  3. Conduct community participatory research to evaluate the effectiveness and maintenance of evidence-based interventions that promote healthful diet and physical activity.
  4. Provide technical assistance to community-based organizations for needs assessment and program evaluation.
  5. Provide continuing education training in evidence-based public health practice.
  6. Disseminate effective intervention protocols and research findings to the public health community, local, state, and national policy-makers, and the research community.

PRC research focuses on community-based approaches to engage ethnic minority populations in the adoption of health behaviors for the prevention of chronic disease. The PRC at UIC supported an applied public health research project, Making the Connection Healthy Living Program, directed by Laurie Ruggiero, PhD, and two supplemental studies led by Dr. Sherry Emery:

The center also participated in these CDC Prevention Research Centers Program networks:

Research Product(s)

Grocery Store Survey Tool

Dr. Shannon Zenk developed this culturally sensitive food store audit tool for use in African-American and Latino neighborhoods. Downloadable as a 239-kb PDF, this tool can be used to assess the availability of healthy food options.

For corresponding survey instructions or operational definitions, contact Dr. Zenk at

Research Partner(s)

Latino Organization of the Southwest
AMA Orthopedic Shoes
American Diabetes Foundation
American Medical Association
BlueCross Blue Shield of Illinois
Chicago Department of Public Health
Chicago Park District
Chicago South East Diabetes Community Action Coalition
Edward N. Hurley Elementary School
Gage Park High School
Healthy Chicago Lawn
Holy Cross Hospital
Hurley Elementary School
Illinois Department of Public Health
Illinois Public Health Association
Metropolitan Family Services
Mid-America Public Health Training Center at the UIC School of Public Health
National Kidney Foundation of Illinois
Thresholds, Inc.
University of Illinois College of Dentistry
West Communities YMCA

Principal investigator
Funding Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under Cooperative Agreement No. U48-DP-000048


William W. Baldyga, MA, DrPH
Michael L. Berbaum, PhD 
Karen E. Peters, DrPH 
Laurie Ruggiero, PhD  

Start date
End date
Total award

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