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A five-year CDC grant established the Illinois Prevention Research Center (PRC) in 1996 to focus on the research theme "Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Across the Lifespan." The PRC is located in a School of Public Health with a multi-disciplinary faculty and a training program in health promotion and disease prevention. Faculty participating in the PRC also represent multiple fields of study, coming half from divisions of SPH, and half from other colleges and departments. Two advisory committees, A Center Advisory Committee and a Community Sterring Committee, comprised of distinguished researchers and community representatives (representing factors in the ecological approach to community health promotion), will guide and maximize the collaborative capacity of the PRC to improve public health practice in the multiple communities of interest we serve.

The Southwest Youth Collaborative is our partner agency, serving the southwest side of Chicago, our Latino demonstration community. The two committees will ensure the quality of our research, properly involve the appropriate community organizations and representatives in our research and its diffusion, and conduct culturally sensitive interventions and research. In addition, the PRC will be organized through three cores: 1) Administrative; 2) Methodology and 3) Community Development which will provide logistical and scientific oversight to the activities of the PRC. The PRC Plan is organized around six major objectives: 1) Conduct and evaluate a demonstration project in health promotion and disease prevention or preventive health services; 2) Establish collaborative activities with appropriate organizations, individuals, and State Health Departments; 3) Establish and document activities that support a multidisciplinary approach to health promotion and disease prevention; 4) Demonstrate how the PRC will ensure dissemination of results to appropriate constituencies; 5) Conduct applied community based training in research methods to foster community involvement and build community capacity for participatory research; and, 6) Establish an Advisory Committee. Each of these objectives will be achieved through specific programmatic activities that have evaluation criteria and are measurable.

Research Partner(s)

Chicago Department of Health
Illinois Deptartment of Public Health
Chicago Lung Association
multiple community agencies
non-profit organizations

Funding Agency

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (Grant No. HHS CCU509661)


The principal investigator of this center was Susan R. Levy, PhD. Her co-investigators were William W. Baldyga, MA, DrPH; Richard T. Campbell, PhD; Noel Chavez, PhD, RD, LDN; Brian Flay, DPhil; Aida L. Giachello, PhD; Michele A. Kelley, ScD, MSW, MA; Clara Manfredi, PhD; Robin J. Mermelstein, PhD; and Thomas R. Prohaska, PhD.

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