Evaluation of the Healthier Communities Initiative for YMCA of the USA


UIC will assist in the evaluation of the YMCA’s Healthier Communities Initiative (HCI). UIC will plan and oversee policy and environmental data collection in three HCI-funded communities, identified by the staff of the YMCA of the USA. UIC investigators and staff will adapt measures and methodologies used in the Bridging the Gap Community Obesity Measures Project (BTGCOMP) for use in the HCI evaluation. Local policies, including codes, ordinances and master/comprehensive plans will be collected and coded for all local jurisdictions falling within these three communities. Observational data will also be collected in local food stores, fast food restaurants, parks, physical activity facilities, and on street segments falling within the communities. Summary statistics and indices will be provided to the Y on policy and environmental factors that support and/or discourage healthy eating and active living within the three selected communities. In addition, UIC investigators and staff will plan and produce a report that compares local policies and environments within a broader set of communities historically funded by the HCI to those in a nationally representative sample of communities, using data previously collected via BTGCOMP.

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