Effect of Preemption of Local Tobacco Control Policies on Population Health


The proposed study will explore the impact on tobaccos use and related chronic disease outcomes to state laws that preempt local regulation of smoke-free air, tobacco sales and tobacco marketing. This research will provide the first examination, to our knowledge, of the health effects of state-level preemption in these areas of tobacco control policy, and is expected to provide public health practitioners with a new and compelling rationale for restoring or preserving local authority over the regulation of matters that threaten public health.

To this end, we have three specific aims:

  1. To determine whether state preemption laws are associated with increased tobacco use and/or poorer health outcomes
  2. To examine how state preemption laws affect attitudes related to tobacco use
  3. To examine whether state preemption laws inhibit the potential effectiveness of other state tobacco control policies such as SFA and tax policies
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