Childhood Cancer Survivor Program to Empower Action in Care


This project is a critical initial step towards addressing systemic problems in transition of care and has the potential to decrease morbidity of adult childhood cancer survivors. The study includes three components: focus groups, intervention refinement, and a randomized controlled pilot study. All participants are adult survivors of childhood cancer, men and women from three ethnic backgrounds (Black, Hispanic, White). The pilot is designed to assess the acceptability and feasibility of a community-based intervention to engage childhood cancer survivors more actively in cancer follow-up care. Outcome measures in the pilot study include: knowledge of late effects and follow-up care, fear of relapse, perceived efficacy to communicate with physician, access to childhood medical records, self-efficacy to obtain medical records, and health status. Pilot participants are enrolled from a study of health behaviors among childhood cancer survivors, on which Dr. Sharp is a co-investigator.

The grant supporting this research also supports Dr. Sharp's career goal of conducting independent research focused on patient-oriented cancer prevention and survivorship in minority and underserved groups. Her mentors include Marian Fitzgibbon, Kevin Oeffinger, Nadine Peacock and Timothy Shanahan.

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National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (Mentored Patient-Oriented Research Award, grant No. K23CA124451)

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In Sept. 2009–Aug. 2010, supplemental funding was provided by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009. In 2013, this grant was extended for one year with no additional funding.

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