Center for Population Health and Health Disparities

Also known as

CPHHD, or Breast Cancer Care in Chicago


This center is one of five that were originally funded in whole or in part by the National Cancer Institute in 2003. With this renewing grant, the center aims to address questions that have emerged as central issues in understanding the disparity between white women and women of color in the stage at which breast cancer is diagnosed, based on our work to date:

  • How can the apparent disparities in early detection, diagnosis and treatment be addressed in safety-net hospitals?
  • How can community health clinics more effectively identify and monitor patients at risk for aggressive breast cancer? Related to that question, how can patients at elevated risk be engaged to participate in a tailored screening and monitoring program?
  • How do biological factors, specifically DNA methylation, promote aggressive breast cancer disproportionately among women of color?

Three projects and four cores comprise this Center. The cores are: Administration (led by Dr. Richard Warnecke and Dr. Elizabeth Calhoun); Policy and Dissemination (Dr. Carol Ferrans and Marilyn Willis, RN, MS); Data Management and Evaluation (Dr. Timothy Johnson); Training and Career Development (Dr. Faith Davis). The center supports three research projects:

The work of this center is supported further with these supplemental studies:

Our continuing long-range vision is to test and establish interventions that address determinants of population health disparities by approaching them with a multilevel and multidisciplinary population health strategy. To accomplish this we will:

  • Conduct research that impacts the policies that govern access to mammography and management of breast cancer and ensures equal access to the standard of breast cancer care regardless of where it is delivered and who requests it
  • Enable women who are poor and underserved to recognize the need to access the care in ways that ensure the best outcomes
  • Train young scholars in health disparities research incorporating a transdisciplinary research perspective

Research Product(s)

Beating Breast Cancer, an award-winning film created by the Center for Population Health and Health Disparities with Juneteenth Productions to promote early breast cancer detection among African American women

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This is a center grant, which supports three projects and four cores. This five-year grant continues the work of the original Center for Population Health and Health Disparities (CPHHD). The contact principal investigator is Dr. Richard Warnecke, who can be reached at

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