Cardiovascular Health Intervention Research and Translation Network (CHIRTN)


To coordinate research and translation activities regarding cardiovascular disease in Illinois as part of a national network.


In the United States, cardiovascular disease causes two in five deaths and, in 2003, cost about $351 billion. As one of six collaborating centers of the CDC Cardiovascular Health Intervention Research and Translation Network, the IPRC aims to:

  1. Contribute to the development of the network by coordinating cardiovascular health (CVH) research and translation activities that can be incorporated into public health strategies and practices by state programs;
  2. Develop a plan for research in CVH that addresses gaps in knowledge related to priority areas identified nationally, statewide, by the CDC, and by other stakeholder assessments;
  3. Determine how to synthesize scientific evidence and translate efficacious interventions into the public health setting.

Research Partner(s)

University of Colorado: Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
University of Rochester: National Center for Deaf Health Research
University of Washington: Health Promotion Research Center
West Virginia University: Centers for Public Health Research and Training

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About this grant

This is a special interest project of the Illinois Prevention Research Center, directed by Robin J. Mermelstein and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Prevention Research Centers Program.

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