Cancer Education and Career Development Program 2008-2013


The program objectives are to:

  • Provide fellows with an understanding of the biological, social, and policy issues relevant to cancer control and prevention.
  • Provide fellows with a common vocabulary, understood by investigators in clinical, basic, behavioral, and population science through our core curriculum.
  • Help fellows acquire an in-depth and more complex understanding of a specific area of cancer control and prevention research through participation as a member of a multidisciplinary research team.
  • Help fellows develop competency in research methods and design to enable development of an independent yet multidisciplinary research proposal.
  • Encourage professional development and experience (grant writing, paper writing, giving and reviewing presentations, and training in the responsible conduct of research).

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Cancer Education and Career Development Program
Principal investigator
Funding Agency

National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (Grant No. 2R25CA057699)


Melinda Stolley, PhD

Start date
End date
Total award
About this grant

Richard Warnecke, PhD, directed this training program until April 2009. This training program has been continuously funded by NCI since 1992.

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