BAILAMOS: Balance & Activity In Latinos, Addressing Mobility in Older Adults


The need to test physical activity interventions that have the potential to influence cardiovascular health, while at the same time reducing the loss of cognitive and physical funtions among older Latinos, is of high public importance. BAILAMOS is an innovative culturally appropriate dance program that was developed by Dr. Marquez based on focus group input from older, sedentary community-dwelling Latinos and in collaboration with an accomplished Latin dance instructor. A single group, pre-post 3-month pilot of BAILAMOS demonstrated program feasibility. Effect sizes indicated improvements in self-reported lifestyle physical activity (accumulation of leisure time, household, occupational, and transport physical activity throughout the day) and physical function. Moreover, the program resulted in greater cognitive function and improved physical quality of life. Unfortunately, no cardiovascular measures were included in the original BAILAMOS pilot intervention. Moreover, the original 3-month BAILAMOS dance program has been revised according to participant and dance instructor feedback. Eight sessions (1 month) have been added to increase overall dose physical activity from 24 sessions over 3 months to 32 sessions over 4 months. Also, discussion session covering topics related to increasing lifestyle physical activity were added. There is a need to test the feasibility of the revised BAILAMOS dance program, and its impact on lifestyle physical activity, cardiovascular outcomes, and cognitive function for older Latinos. Results of this pilot study will be used to apply for a National Institute of Health grant to test the relationships on a larger scale.

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National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health

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Marquez DX, Wilbur J, Hughes SL, Berbaum ML, Wilson RS, Buchner DM, McAuley E. B.A.I.L.A. - a Latin dance randomized controlled trial for older Spanish-speaking Latinos: rationale, design, and methods. Contemp Clin Trials. 2014 Jul;38(2):397-408. [See abstract.]

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