Naoko Muramatsu, PhD

Associate Professor of Sociology and Community Health Sciences

Dr. Naoko Muramatsu is an associate professor in the Division of Community Health Sciences in the UIC School of Public Health and in the Department of Sociology in the UIC College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She conducts her research at the Institute for Health Research and Policy, where she is recognized as a Fellow.

Dr. Muramatsu's research focuses on social, cultural, policy and system factors that shape health and caregiving experience in aging individuals and aims to improve the quality of long-term care systems. She has been the principal investigator of studies funded by the National Institute on Aging that examine how state-, community-, and individual-level factors influence the well-being of older adults. Her current research develops cost-effective, sustainable community-based health promotion programs in partnership with older adults, caregivers, community-based organizations, and multidisciplinary research teams.

A Fellow of The Gerontological Society of America, Dr. Muramatsu serves on the jury of the Ryman Prize and the editorial board of The Gerontologist.

Research Interests

Improving the quality of long-term care services, policies, and workforce; social determinants of health and well-being in older adults and their caregivers; and cross-cultural studies of aging and health.

Recent and Noteworthy Publications

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Stiehl E, Jones-Jack NH, Baron S, Muramatsu N. Worker well-being in the United States: Finding variation across job categories. Prev Med Rep. 2018 Oct 18;13:5-10. doi: 10.1016/j.pmedr.2018.10.006. 

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Honors and Awards

IHRP Fellow
Fulbright Scholarship
Fellow, Gerontological Society of America
Delta Omega Honor Society