Molly A. Martin, MD, MAPP

Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Dr. Molly Martin is a practicing pediatrician and faculty member of the Department of Pediatrics in the UIC College of Medicine. An IHRP Fellow, she conducts health disparities research through the Institute for Health Research and Policy, where she is a Fellow. She obtained her medical degree from the Medical College of Wisconsin and completed her pediatrics residency at the University of Chicago.

She was selected to participate in the Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholars Program Fellowship at the University of Chicago, where she obtained formal research training and a master's of arts degree in public policy. She spent nine years conducting community-based participatory research at Rush University Medical Center in the Department of Preventive Medicine, Section of Social and Community Medicine. In February of 2014, Dr. Martin moved to the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Martin's research focuses on community models to improve health, specifically the community health worker model. She is particularly interested in Latino health, asthma and obesity in children. Dr. Martin has been the principal investigator on several NIH-funded projects, the most recent of which explores interventions for children with both asthma and obesity. She is a current investigator on the CHICAGO Trial (Coordinated Healthcare Interventions for Childhood Asthma Gaps in Outcomes), a PCORI-funded initiative targeting pediatric asthma, and on the MATCH 2 Trial (Multi-clinic Action Trial to Control Hyperglycemia and Hypertension), which tests a community health worker intervention for diabetes control. She also serves as medical director for the Coordination of Healthcare for Complex Kids, or CHECK project, funded with a large Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Health Care Innovations Award.

Dr. Martin serves on the Executive Committee for Community Health Workers Section of the American Public Health Association and on the Board of the Chicago Asthma Consortium. In November 2014, she was appointed to serve on the State of Illinois Community Health Worker Advisory Board, which was convened to develop community health worker workforce requirements in Illinois.

As a complement to her research, Dr. Martin sees patients in the Mile Square Health Center and participates in resident and student education.    

Research Interests

Dr. Martin is interested in community health worker training and intervention testing, specifically in the areas of pediatric asthma and pediatric obesity. She works mainly with Medicaid-insured populations in Chicago. She also has methodology interests, which include the application of community-based participatory research approaches to behavioral intervention development and randomized controlled trials.

Recent and Noteworthy Publications

For a more detailed list of publications by Dr. Molly Martin, see this edited list on PubMed. 

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