Lisa M. Nicholson, PhD

Research Scientist

Lisa M. Nicholson, PhD, is a senior research specialist in the Health Policy Center of the UIC Institute for Health Research and Policy, and on staff at the Center for Cardiovascular Research of the Nationwide Children's Hospital & Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio.

Prior to coming to UIC, Dr. Nicholson spent two years in clinical trial research examining the relationship between maternal eating behaviors and obesity in the first two years of life and the interactive relationship between youth secondhand smoke exposure and obesity on early cardiovascular health outcomes.

Dr. Nicholson holds a PhD in sociology from Ohio State University with a specialization in urban health. She has received an R36 dissertation grant from AHRQ and a NIH loan repayment grant for her work on multilevel predictors of obesity during the transition to adulthood.

Research Interests

Dr. Nicholson’s research interest involves the intersection of social and biological mechanisms and their relationship to racial and ethnic disparities in health outcomes among youth. More specifically, her work focuses on the factors that contribute to obesity among young adults and explaining disparities in obesity across minority and disadvantaged groups.

Recent and Noteworthy Publications

See more of Dr. Lisa M. Nicholson's articles on this edited PubMed list.

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