David B. Henry, PhD

Professor of Health Policy and Administration

With sadness, we announce the loss of our friend and colleague, David Henry, who passed away on August 26, 2015. 

Dr. David B. Henry was a professor of psychiatry and psychology in the UIC College of Medicine and professor of health policy and administration in the School of Public Health. His research focused on child and adolescent development, violence prevention and community-based prevention research. He was a respected scientist, an excellent teacher, a thoughtful mentor, and a good man. 

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Recent and Noteworthy Publications

Dr. Henry's research interests included normative social influence, peer networks, prevention, risk, child and adolescent development, attitudes, psychometrics, research methods, and statistics.

Grasso DJ, Petitclerc A, Henry DB, McCarth KJ, Wakschlag LS, Briggs-Gowan MJ. Examining patterns of exposure to family violence in preschool children: A latent class approach. J Trauma Stress. 2016 Dec;29(6): 491-499. [See abstract.]

Peters AT, Jacobs RH, Feldhaus C, Henry DB, Albano AM, Langenecker SA, et al. Trajectories of functioning into emerging adulthood following treatment for adolescent depression. J Adolesc Health. 2016 Mar;58(3):253-9. [See abstract.]

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Honors and Awards

IHRP Fellow
2012 Nan Tobler Award
Society for Prevention Research's Community, Culture, and Prevention Science Award, 2013