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Recent Publications

J Community Health. 2016 Apr;41(2):315-25.
Authors: Barbero C, Gilchrist S, Chriqui JF, Martin MA, Wennerstrom A, VanderVeur J, Prewitt K, Brownstein JN.

Community health workers (CHWs) are expected to improve patient care and population health while reducing health care costs. Law is a tool states are using to build a supportive infrastructure for the CHW workforce. This study assessed the extent existing state law pertaining to the CHW workforce aligned with best available evidence. We used the previously developed Quality and... more

Front Public Health. 2016 Apr 18;4:71.
Authors: Chriqui JF, Leider J, Thrun E, Nicholson LM, Slater S.

BACKGROUND: Communities across the United States have been reforming their zoning codes to create pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods with increased street connectivity, mixed use and higher density, open space, transportation infrastructure, and a traditional neighborhood structure. Zoning code reforms include new urbanist zoning such as the SmartCode, form-based codes, transects, transportation and pedestrian-oriented... more

Prev Chronic Dis. 2016 Mar 17;13:E39.
Authors: Turner L, Ohri-Vachaspati P, Powell L, Chaloupka FJ.

INTRODUCTION: Children consume much of their daily energy intake at school. School district policies, state laws, and national policies, such as revisions to the US Department of Agriculture's school meals standards, may affect the types of foods and beverages offered in school lunches over time. METHODS: This study evaluated changes and disparities in school lunch characteristics from 2006-2007 to 2013-... more

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2016 Mar 9;13(3). pii: E306.
Authors: Shang C, Huang J, Cheng KW, Li Q, Chaloupka FJ.

Point-of-sale (POS) tobacco advertising has been linked to youth smoking susceptibility and experimental smoking. However, there is limited evidence of the association between POS advertising bans and youth smoking participation. This study aims to examine how such bans are associated with current smoking, daily smoking, and regular smoking (=1 cigarettes per day) participation among youth. Methods: One to two waves (primarily one wave) of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey were conducted in 130 countries between 2007 and 2011. These surveys... more

Health Place. 2016;39:43-50.
Authors: Isgor Z, Powell L, Rimkus L, Chaloupka F.

This paper examines the association between the prevalence of various types of outdoor food and beverage advertising found on the building exteriors and properties of retail food outlets and community racial/ethnic and socioeconomic composition in a nationwide sample of food outlets in the U.S. Our major finding from multivariable analysis is that food stores in low-income communities have... more

J Med Internet Res. 2016;18(2):e41
Authors: Kim Y, Huang J, Emery S.

BACKGROUND: Social media have transformed the communications landscape. People increasingly obtain news and health information online and via social media. Social media platforms also serve as novel sources of rich observational data for health research (including infodemiology, infoveillance, and digital disease detection detection). While the number of studies using social data is growing rapidly, very few of these studies transparently outline their methods for collecting, filtering, and reporting those data. Keywords and search filters applied to social data form the lens... more

Prev Med. 2016;86:106-113.
Authors: Powell LM, Kumanyika SK, Isgor Z, Rimkus L, Zenk SN, Chaloupka FJ.

Food and beverage price promotions may be potential targets for public health initiatives but have not been well documented. We assessed prevalence and patterns of price promotions for food and beverage products in a nationwide sample of food stores by store type, product package size,... more

Am J Prev Med. 2016 Feb;50(2):199-209.
Authors: Huang J, Kim Y, Vera L, Emery SL.

INTRODUCTION: The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) market has evolved rapidly in recent years, with exploding growth in brands and product types; however, e-cigarette use among priority (sexual minority and low-income) populations and its relationship with smoking-cessation and tobacco control policies have yet to be fully characterized. METHODS: The authors conducted a nationally representative online survey of 17,522 U.S. adults in 2013. Participants were drawn from... more

Am J Prev Med. 2016 Feb;50(2):136-44.
Authors: Kong A, Buscemi J, Stolley MR, Schiffer LA, Kim Y, Braunschweig CL, Gomez-Perez SL, Blumstein LB, Van Horn L, Dyer AR, Fitzgibbon ML.

INTRODUCTION: The preschool years provide a unique window of opportunity to intervene on obesity-related lifestyle risk factors during the formative years of a child's life. The... more

Environ Behav. 2016;48(1):246-265.
Authors: Slater S, Pugach O, Lin W, Bontu A.

In a sample of racially, ethnically, and socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods, using a quasi-experimental, prospective, longitudinal study design, we examined whether involvement of community groups in playground design selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance influences park utilization and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) post-playground renovations (N = 78 matched parks, 39 intervention/39control). Parks were matched on size, proximity, neighborhood socioeconomic... more