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Recent Publications

Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2017 Mar 1.
Authors: Rauscher GH, Silva A, Pauls H, Frasor J, Bonini MG, Hoskins K.

INTRODUCTION: Non-Latina black breast cancer patients experience a shorter survival from breast cancer than their non-Latina white counterparts. We compared breast cancer-specific survival for the subset of black and white patients with estrogen and/or progesterone receptor-positive tumors that are generally targeted with endocrine therapy. METHODS:... more

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017; 14(1): 98.
Authors: Shang C, Huang J, Cheng KW, He Y, Chaloupka FJ.

INTRODUCTION: The Guidelines for the implementation of Article 11 of the World Health Organization (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) require that cigarette health warning labels should include pictures and take up 50% or more of the principal display area. This study examined how the association between large pictorial warnings, those covering... more

J Aging Phys Act. 2017 Jan 17:1-30.
Authors: Marquez DX, Wilson R, Aguiñaga S, Vásquez P, Fogg L, Yang Z, Wilbur J, Hughes S, Spanbauer C.

Disparities exist between Latinos and non-Latino whites in cognitive function. Dance is culturally appropriate and challenges individuals physically and cognitively, yet the impact of regular dancing on cognitive function in older Latinos has not been examined. A two-group pilot trial was employed among inactive, older Latinos. Participants (N = 57) participated in the Bailamos dance program... more

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2017;14(1):62.
Authors: Shang C, Chaloupka FJ.

Some manufacturers of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) voluntarily carried health warnings in their advertisements. This study examined these voluntary warnings in magazine ads and plotted their trends between 2012 and early 2015. ENDS magazine ads were obtained through Kantar media and warnings were collected from the Chicago Public Library or the Trinkets and Trash surveillance system. The... more

BMC Pediatr. 2016 Dec 1;16(1):198.
Authors: Martin MA, Rothschild SK, Lynch E, Christoffel KK, Pagán MM, Rodriguez JL, et al.

Background: The objective of this study was to design and test the feasibility and impact of a community health worker (CHW) intervention for comorbid asthma and obesity.

Methods: Using a proof of concept study design, we collected pre/post outcomes from a single intervention cohort of urban low-income in a single community area. A community-... more

Contemp Clin Trials. 2016 Oct 18;52:20-26.
Authors: Hynes DM, Fischer MJ, Schiffer LA, Gallardo R, Chukwudozie IB, Porter A, Berbaum M, Earheart J,... more

Tob Control. 2016 Oct;25(Suppl 1):i32-i37.
Authors: DeLong H, Chriqui J, Leider J, Chaloupka FJ.

From the open-access manuscript:

Background: Native American tribes, as sovereign nations, are exempt from state tobacco... more

Prev Med. 2016 Oct 3. pii: S0091-7435(16)30305-X.
Authors: Chriqui JF, Leider J, Thrun E, Nicholson LM, Slater SJ.

Can zoning regulations moderate inequities by income in active travel and taking public transit to work?

Dr. Jamie Chriqui led a research team in examining this question using data they... more

Health Serv Outcomes Res Methodol. 2016 Sep;16(3):117-131.
Authors: Hedeker D, Mermelstein RJ, Demirtas H, Berbaum ML.

In health studies, questionnaire items are often scored on an ordinal scale, for example on a Likert scale. For such questionnaires, item response theory (IRT) models provide a useful approach for obtaining summary scores for subjects (i.e., the model's random subject effect... more

Health Place. 2016 Nov;42:47-53.
Authors: Taber DR, Chriqui JF, Quinn CM, Rimkus LM, Chaloupka FJ.

We examined racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and urban/rural disparities in food policy enactment across different sectors, as well as retail food access, throughout the United States. Policy and retail food store data were obtained from... more