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Social Media Policy

The Institute for Health Research and Policy (IHRP) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) uses social media to promote our research findings, describe our research activities and share information about the health issues encompassed by our mission, including tobacco, obesity, diabetes, cancer, health disparities, health behaviors. Keep up with IHRP via social media channels to keep abreast of our efforts to advance health practice and policy through collaborative research.

IHRP participates on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Some IHRP research teams participate in Facebook to recruit study participants or support their scientific aims. The Institute’s Twitter posts are written and managed by the IHRP communications director, Veronica Johnston.

IHRP on Twitter

IHRP provides updates via Twitter using the handle @UICIHRP. IHRP updates Twitter several days a week Monday through Friday during normal business hours and sometimes schedules messages for off-hours. We do not post on holidays observed by the University of Illinois.

We encourage our followers to send us comments and suggestions through Twitter. IHRP will review all @replies, direct messages, and mentions of the IHRP on Twitter. We will attempt to respond to as many messages as we can; however, we may not be able to reply to every message we receive.

On IHRP's Twitter feed, you will find these kinds of information:

  • IHRP peer-reviewed research findings
  • Research news from other institutions that share similar areas of scientific inquiry with IHRP
  • New or recently funded IHRP research
  • Videos, photos or podcasts created by the IHRP or the UIC News Bureau about our research
  • News stories in which an IHRP researcher is quoted
  • Health-related stories that bear on major IHRP research interests (tobacco prevention and treatment, obesity prevention, diabetes, health disparities), especially those set in Chicago or Illinois
  • Best practices for conducting health research, using social media for public health, and communicating science

Any IHRP follows, re-tweets, or mentions of an organization or individuals do not imply endorsement of any kind. The opinions expressed in items re-tweeted on the IHRP’s Twitter page are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the University of Illinois, the State of Illinois or the agencies funding IHRP research.

How do I follow IHRP on Twitter?

  • To view IHRP tweets without a Twitter account, go to http://twitter.com/uicihrp and bookmark the page, or add it to your favorites.
  • You may also join Twitter to “follow” or subscribe to UICIHRP tweets. Registration for Twitter is free. To follow IHRP, sign in, go to the “Who to Follow” menu option on the right-hand side of the screen, and type “UICIHRP.” Then click, “follow,” next to the “UICIHRP” icon.

What IHRP research teams are on social networks?

You can find Bridging the Gap and Tobacconomics on Twitter.


IHRP developed our social media policy influenced by the Institute of Medicine’s example. Follow them on Twitter at @theIOM.


Direct questions about our social media practices or policies to Veronica Johnston at vjohnsto@uic.edu.