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Obesity Interventions in Underserved Populations: What Works and What Doesn't

Presented by Marian Fitzgibbon (March 18, 2015) [slides]

Ethical Implications of Social Media for Health Research

Presented by Eric Swirsky and Emily E. Anderson (March 2, 2015) [slides]

Bringing it All Together: The Case for Place-based Research on Population Health Systems

Presented by Kevin Patrick of UCSD (2014 IHRP Distinguished Lecture) [slides]

Talking About Your Research: Copyright Do’s and Don’ts

Presented by Pia Hunter and Sandy De Groote (Oct. 9, 2014) [slides]

Ethical Issues in Research with Vulnerable and Hard-to-Reach Populations

Presented by Emily Anderson (May 15, 2014) [slides]

Lessons Learned from a Community-based Weight Loss Program for African American Women

Presented by Angela Odoms-Young (Jan. 29, 2014) [slides]

From Where You Live to Where You Spend Time: Environmental Contributions to Obesity Risk

Presented by Shannon N. Zenk (Nov. 21, 2013) [slides]

The Communications Revolution and Health Inequalities in the 21st Century: Promises and Pitfalls

Presented by K. Viswanath of Harvard University (2013 IHRP Distinguished Lecture) [slides]

Aging and Place: Building Health Promotion into Long-Term Care

Presented by Naoko Muramatsu (May 21, 2013) [slides]

Linking Aims, Hypotheses and Analysis:
Why Coherence in Grants is Crucial

Presented by Richard Campbell (May 7, 2013) [slides]

Health Media Collaboratory's Approach to Understanding the Role of Traditional and New Media in a Rapidly Changing Media Environment

Presented by Sherry Emery (April 16, 2013) [slides]

Improving Measurement of Neighborhood Social Processes: The Neighborhood Matters Study

Presented by David Henry (Feb. 26, 2013) [slides]

Colon Cancer Patterns of Chicago

Presented by Garth Rauscher (Jan. 23, 2013) [slides]

Childcare Choices, Food Consumption Patterns and Childhood Obesity

Presented by Bidisha Mandal of Washington State University (Dec. 10, 2012) [slides]

Childhood Roots of Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease in Adulthood:
A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Presented by Karen Matthews of University of Pittsburgh (IHRP Distinguished Lecture, Nov. 7, 2012) [slides]

Body Weight Status, Inflammation and Prognostic Markers
in Early-Stage Prostate Cancer

Presented by Vince Freeman (Oct. 31, 2012) [slides]

Participant Recruitment and Retention: A Panel Discussion

Presented by several research team leaders (Sept. 19, 2012) [panel's notes]

Practical Strategies and Guidelines for Conducting Literature Reviews in Research

Presented by David DuBois (June 12, 2012) [slides]

Marketing of Unhealthy Foods, Beverages, and Alcohol: The Branding of Youth

Presented by Keryn E. Pasch of the University of Texas at Austin (April 16, 2012) [slides]

Human Subjects Research with Vulnerable Populations

Presented by David Henry (April 10, 2012) [slides]

Designing, Testing, and Translating Fit and Strong!: An Evidence-Based Intervention for Older Adults with Osetoarthritis

Presented by Susan Hughes (Feb. 21, 2012) [slides]

Outcomes of the Childhood Cancer Survivors Program to Empower Action in Care (SPEAC)

Presented by Lisa Sharp (Jan. 18, 2012) [slides]

Moving Forward: A Community-Based Weight Loss Program
for African American Breast Cancer Survivors

Presented by Melinda Stolley (Nov. 30, 2011) [slides]

Health in All Policies: Determining Relevancy, Content, and Impact
Drawing from Obesity Policy-Related Examples
at Federal, State, and Local Levels

Presented by Jamie Chriqui (Oct. 26, 2011) [slides]

Human Subjects Protection Workshop:
Data Security and Reporting Adverse Events

Presented by Emily Anderson and Chuck Hoehne of the UIC Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (May 17, 2011) [slides]

"The Heart and Soul of the Matter":
Contexts of Risk and Prevention

Presented by David Henry (May 3, 2011) [slides]

Hostility, Adiposity and the Adrenal Medulla:
Psychological Factors and the Physiology of Glucose Regulation

Presented by Richard Surwit of Duke University (IHRP-CCTS Distinguished Lecture, April 8, 2011) [slides]

Understanding the Impact of Tobacco Control Media Campaigns:
Refining Old Models, Developing New Ones, and Applying Lessons
to Other Health Promotion Media Campaigns

Presented by Sherry Emery (March 1, 2011) [slides]

Investigating the Effects of a Comprehensive School-Based Prevention
and Health Promotion Program:
Findings and Lessons Learned from the Chicago Trial of the Positive Action Program

Presented by David DuBois (Jan. 18, 2011) [slides]

Is There the Courage to Change the U.S. Diet?

Presented by Kelly Brownell of Yale University (IHRP Distinguished Lecture, Dec. 15, 2010) [slides]

Principles of Workflow in Data Analysis*

Presented by Scott Long of Indiana University (Nov. 12, 2010) [slides]

New Low-Nicotine Cigarettes Are Still as Harmful: Implications for FDA Regulation of Tobacco

Presented by Andrew Strasser of University of Pennsylvania (Nov. 4, 2010) [slides]

Statistical Graphics for Visualizing Data:
An Introduction to Lattice Graphics in R*

Presented by William G. Jacoby of Michigan State University (Oct. 14-15, 2010) [slides and tables and figures]

Mixed-Effects Models for Discrete- and Grouped-Time Survival Data

Presented by Don Hedeker (June 15, 2010) [See the slides.]

Participatory Dissemination:
Getting to Physical Activity Programs That Are Effective, Reach a Lot of People, and Can Be Sustained

Presented by Paul Estabrooks of Virginia Tech University (June 4, 2010) [slides]

Aging and Well-Being:
Physical Activity and Personal Agency

Presented by Edward McAuley of University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (IHRP Distinguished Lecture, April 22, 2010) [slides]

New Opportunities in Health Research:
Using Restricted Access Health Data at the Chicago Census Research Data Center

Presented by Frank Limehouse and Bhash Mazumder of the Chicago Census Research Data Center; and Stephanie Robinson of the National Center for Health Statistics (Jan. 29, 2010) [slides and handouts]

Nicotine Dependence Treatment:
From Mouse to Man to Medicine

Presented by Caryn Lerman of University of Pennsylvania (IHRP-CCTS Distinguished Lecture, Dec. 1, 2009) [slides]

Ecological Theory and Community Intervention:
The Devil Is in the Details

Presented by Ed Trickett (April 15, 2009) [slides]

Communication-Based Strategies to Eliminate Health Disparities in Diverse Populations

Presented by Matthew Kreuter of Washington University, St. Louis (IHRP Distinguished Lecture, April 8, 2009) [slides]

A Life-Course Perspective on Physical and Mental Health Disparities

Presented by James Jackson of University of Michigan (IHRP Distinguished Lecture, Dec. 3, 2008) [slides]

* Sessions sponsored by the Design and Analysis Core, a biostatistical resource jointly supported by the UIC Center for Clinical and Translational Science and the UIC Cancer Center, in partnership with IHRP