Participant Recruitment and Retention: A Panel Discussion

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Noon–1 p.m.
5th Floor Conference Room, IHRP
561 Westside Research Office Building
1747 W. Roosevelt Rd.

Panel Members:

Kathleen R. Diviak, PhD

Research Scientist
Presenting on participant retention in a longitudinal cohort study of adolescents and young adults

Amy Sporer, MS

Senior Research Specialist
Presenting on online recruitment of young adult smokers

Melinda Stolley, PhD

Associate Professor of Medicine
Presenting on recruitment of childhood cancer survivors with members of her research team, Claudia Arroyo and Margarita Mendoz

Panel Moderator:

Robin Mermelstein, PhD

Director of IHRP
Professor of Psychology
Clinical Professor of Community Health Sciences

Download the panel's tips and notes on recruitment and retention of study participants.