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We Research Health, Its Determinants, and Its Influences

Research at the Institute for Health Research and Policy (IHRP) originates in the understanding that a myriad of factors contribute to people's health.

Biology, genes, behaviors, attitudes, stigma, income, social structure, racism, health services, the built environment, policy — all these factors influence the health of individuals, communities and populations.

Understanding and addressing these intersecting determinants of health often require an integration of multiple discplines, methods and research approaches before questions can be answered and solutions advanced. This kind of complex, multidisciplinary research is highly prized today, especially as the national funding environment becomes more competitive and the average lifespan in the U.S. declines. To thrive, researchers involved in such work require experience, expertise, and infrastructure devoted to research. That is what researchers find at IHRP.

Since 1997, we have provided the professional staff and scientific infrastructure to help hundreds of UIC investigators advance their health and social science research at all stages of their careers.

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