IHRP Recognizes Faculty for Commitment to Multidisciplinary Collaboration


The Institute for Health Research and Policy (IHRP), one of UIC’s largest research institutes, is recognizing faculty from departments throughout campus for their commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration that addresses complex scientific questions about the most pressing health issues facing our nation today, including obesity, tobacco use, health disparities, diabetes, and cancer.

Named IHRP Fellows, these faculty members “go above and beyond their own discipline to collaborate in multidisciplinary research,” said Robin Mermelstein, the director of the institute and professor of psychology.

“It is time to formally acknowledge and celebrate the wonderful contributions of the many faculty members who are the heart and intellectual soul of the work that goes on here at IHRP,” she said. “We are thankful for the intellectual and strong research commitments of these investigators.”

The program recognizes 31 faculty members from 15 departments in seven colleges as IHRP Fellows for 2010–2011. The Fellows were selected among more than 100 investigators working on research administered by the institute. Each year IHRP supports at least 60 research grants totaling more than $15 million.

”As a group, these faculty help move UIC forward in its goals of translating research across the continuum from basic science, to clinical applications, to real-world effectiveness and to policy-related research,” Mermelstein said.

IHRP investigators include faculty from the Colleges of Applied Health Sciences, Dentistry, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Urban Planning and Public Affairs as well as the School of Public Health. Scientists from more than 30 universities and research institutions outside Illinois also collaborate in the institute's research, including those in Australia and Canada.

Qualified UIC scientists who are investigators on active research at IHRP will be considered annually by IHRP leadership for the Fellows Program. IHRP will announce new and renewed fellows for 2011-2012 in the fall.

To be eligible for the Fellows Program, Mermelstein said a faculty member “needs to show an ongoing and sustained commitment beyond just being a named co-investigator on a study. Rather, she or he must show a passion for the work and true intellectual involvement in multidisciplinary research that goes on at IHRP.”

IHRP is a university-wide institute established as a multidisciplinary research arm of the School of Public Health in 1997. The institute's mission is to advance understanding of factors—from biology and behavior to society and policy—that influence health, and to inform health practice and policy through interdisciplinary, collaborative research. Among the institute's strengths is its research regarding tobacco use among adolescents and young adults, considered among the most comprehensive portfolios on this topic in the country, its research on obesity from intervention development to policy implications, and the development of statistical methods to study health behaviors.

The following UIC faculty members are IHRP Fellows for 2010–2011:

  • Richard Barrett, PhD
  • Carol Braunschweig, PhD, RD
  • Elizabeth Calhoun, PhD
  • Richard Campbell, PhD
  • Young Ik Cho, PhD
  • Faith Davis, PhD
  • Therese Dolecek, PhD
  • David DuBois, PhD
  • Michael Fagen, PhD, MPH
  • Carol Ferrans, PhD, RN, FAAN
  • Vincent Freeman, MD, MPH
  • Ben Gerber, MD, MPH
  • Donald Hedeker, PhD
  • David Henry, PhD
  • Kent Hoskins, MD
  • Timothy Johnson, PhD
  • Jon Kassel, PhD
  • Todd Lee, PharmD, PhD
  • Naoko Muramatsu, PhD
  • Angela Odoms-Young, PhD
  • Karen Peters, DrPH
  • Simon Pickard, PhD
  • Garth Rauscher, PhD
  • James Rimmer, PhD
  • Laurie Ruggiero, PhD
  • Glen Schumock, PharmD, MBA
  • Lisa Sharp, PhD
  • Melinda Stolley, PhD
  • Daniel Touchette, PharmD
  • Surrey M. Walton, PhD
  • Richard Warnecke, PhD
  • Shannon Zenk, RN, MPH, MSN, PhD

This news release was written by Veronica Johnston, IHRP communications director.