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IHRP Fellows Program

Program Purpose  

The Institute for Health Research and Policy strives to advance our understanding of the multiple levels of factors that influence health-related practices and behaviors as well as to influence health practice and policy through interdisciplinary, collaborative research. The IHRP Fellows Program formally recognizes the contributions of the investigators who participate in and contribute to the Institute’s all-campus mission.

Qualities of an IHRP Fellow  

A candidate for this program is a doctoral-level research scientist with external funding as an independent researcher at IHRP or a faculty scientist in a UIC academic department who ...

  • Collaborates as a principal investigator or a co-investigator on research funded by active grant(s) administered or housed at IHRP or with an IHRP-affiliated program or center.
  • Published recent peer-reviewed publications about this work.
  • Contributes to the IHRP intellectual environment by participating in IHRP scholarly activities, mentoring and training new investigators, and fostering new avenues of research collaboration.
  • Acknowledges IHRP on papers and presentations, when appropriate.
  • Demonstrates commitment to the IHRP mission to advance health-related research, practice and policy through interdisciplinary collaboration.

Appointments of Fellows  

Qualified UIC scientists are considered by the IHRP director annually, and nominees are invited to participate in the IHRP Fellows Program.

Current Fellows  

See the list of IHRP Fellows for 2016–2017.