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FAQ for UIC Scientists

I'm interested in submitting a grant through IHRP. What do I do?

Investigators from colleges across the UIC campus collaborate on research at IHRP. Contact Dr. Robin Mermelstein, IHRP director, at robinm@uic.edu for an appointment to discuss your research plans and how IHRP can help you achieve your goals.

What advantages are there to conducting research at IHRP?

You will find many benefits in conducting research at IHRP, including:

  • An intellectually rich, interdisciplinary environment, where faculty from 11 colleges and 43 departments take an interest in each other’s work, collaboration is the norm, and multiple disciplinary perspectives are routinely applied in research.
  • A skillful research infrastructure team of grants management, human resources, informational technology and communication professionals who are accustomed to meeting the complex needs of interdisciplinary research (including program project and center grants), managing international contracts, and satisfying reporting requirements of sponsors, from nonprofit organizations to public agencies at the federal, state and local levels.
  • Close proximity to successful senior investigators, who offer consultation, input and feedback on grant proposals (before submission and after NIH review), manuscripts under development, and intervention design, development, implementation and dissemination.
  • A secure computing network and plenty of server space for large datasets that can be stored safely while remaining accessible remotely.

Can IHRP improve my chances of being funded?

Being involved in an interdisciplinary environment such as IHRP’s helps faculty compete more effectively at a national level, but IHRP also helps investigators produce better proposals in several practical ways.
Investigators can present their proposals under development to IHRP colleagues for feedback before submission or resubmission. Senior researchers with experience working on National Institutes of Health review committees participate in these sessions. The Methodology Research Core provides sophisticated analysis plans that satisfy biostatistical review requirements and contributes to study design and analysis plans.

I need consultation about statistics and methods. How can I work with the IHRP Methodology Research Core?

Researchers can consult the Methodology Research Core on grants supported by IHRP. UIC researchers who submit grant proposals through one of the institute’s affiliated centers or programs also can consult the MRC.

Will my department receive intellectual credit and recover indirect costs from research I conduct at IHRP?

As a non-academic department, IHRP does not claim intellectual credit. We believe such credit should go to investigators’ academic homes. IHRP shares indirect costs recovered through grants with investigators’ home departments and colleges, and uses these funds to sustain its infrastructure. Indirect cost sharing models are in place for all affiliated centers and programs.

What is IHRP’s relationship with the School of Public Health?

Everybody needs a home. While IHRP serves the entire campus, we are housed within a college, like most interdisciplinary centers at UIC. The IHRP director reports to the dean of the School of Public Health, who oversees the institute on behalf of all deans on campus, and the school’s administration supports our administration.