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Quality Research Communications Services

Another facet of the IHRP Admin Team, our Communications Office, creates and implements communications and marketing strategies that foster awareness of our researchers’ work and directly support the scientific goals of IHRP grants. 

The IHRP Website

Our website highlights each PhD-level researcher conducting funded studies at the Institute. The site features each researcher’s scientific interests, grants, publications, news and findings. It also provides pages that meet specific grant goals, such as recruitment of study participants or dissemination of reports. Our Communications office works closely with the researcher to develop such pages, tailoring the content for web-style reading and visual engagement, and creating a short URL linked to the IHRP web page.

Our site is not intended to replace or compete with a faculty member’s page on her home department’s site. Rather, the IHRP website expands the department’s capacity to highlight the faculty member’s research online, while maintaining that information’s currency.

Other Communications Services

The Institute’s communications office strategically employs the Internet, social media, UIC listservs, print and other means — wherever the target audience can be reached effectively. 

Researchers find a spectrum of services available to them in IHRP Communications:

  • Provision of ad hoc editorial feedback on brief communications (e.g., recruitment fliers and brochures) and direction to free images in the public domain or licensed by Creative Commons. 
  • Guidance in finding writers and creative professionals to hire for larger communications products that involve design, proofreading, translation, website development, etc.
  • Service in a key personnel role on grants that require a five-year communications plan be developed, implemented and evaluated. 
  • Expert consultation on logo use meeting UIC branding guidelines; event promotion within the University; availability of campus communications resources; image use that meets copyright law.
  • Creation of branded templates for PowerPoint presentations, posters, and lecture fliers.
  • Liaison to the UIC Offices for Public Affairs, Digital Communications, and Creative and Digital Services.

Writer for Hire 

The Institute also maintains a University appointment of a writer holding a doctorate whom researchers can hire and reserve to assist with proposals. He has substantively edited multiple UIC proposals that have been successfully funded for large and complex projects. 

Media Relations

IHRP Communications alerts the UIC Office of Public Affairs to forthcoming IHRP scientific studies of high public interest — local or national — and broker the relationship between the researcher and that office. 

An associate director from the Bureau interviews researchers for University news releases and pitches stories to news media professionals. The News Bureau also manages calls from media professionals who seek expertise of IHRP researchers.

Media Professionals can contact Jackie Carey directly at jmcarey@uic.edu.