Members of the Methodology Research Core

Dr. Mike BerbaumMichael L. Berbaum, PhD, Director

Social psychologist with research interests in applications of ordinal regression techniques to diagnostic radiology and studies of pain control as well as expertise in the resolution of statistical complications that arise from clustering, missing data, and sample selection in population health studies.


Dr. Oksana PugachOksana Pugach, PhD

Biostatistician with expertise in bivariate mixed-effects location-scale models for longitudinal studies and multilevel mixed-effects regression models for survey data.


Dr. Tianxiu WangTianxiu Wang, PhD, MS

Biostatistician interested in the design and analysis of clinical data using general and generalized linear mixed models, survival analysis, latent group-based trajectory models, prediction model building, environmental/occupational risk assessment using mathematical modeling, and meta-analysis.