Analysis of Food Advertising and Food Consumption


Two aims comprise this work:

  1. Examine exposure to food advertising by type of programming. This work uses 2009 ratings data from Nielsen Media Research conditional on the extent to which the programming audience is made up of children using ratings data for food-related advertising seen by 2-11 years based on programming for two different thresholds: where at least 20% and 35% of the total audience is under the age of 12. This will allow comparison of exposure to food advertising (by content of food type, nutritional content and by parent company) seen by children on various levels of children's programming versus that seen across all programming. The results from such a study will have important policy implications for helping to determine effective standardized definitions of children's programming to which to regulations for food-related should be applied. In addition, to assessing the nutritional content based on the nutritional standard used in our recent paper in the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, this will also include new nutritional assessments based on the recent Interagency nutritional guidelines.
  2. Track fast food consumption by children and adolescent using NHANES 2003-2004, 2005-2006, 2007-2008 assessing both fast food eaten away from home and fast food eaten at home. In addition, using 2-day dietary recall data will use fixed effects estimation to examine the impact of fast food consumption on energy intake, diet quality and consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages. Because fast food restaurants market free refills which are appealing to youths, the extent to which consuming fast food at the restaurant versus takeout leads to higher consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages will be examined. In addition, the extent to which youths are heavy consumers of sugar-sweetened beverages will be examined.

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