Anne Koerber, PhD

Associate Professor, Pediatric Dentistry

Recent and Noteworthy Publications

Chung MH, Kaste LM, Koerber A, Fadavi S, Punwani I. Dental and medical students' knowledge and opinions of infant oral health. J Dent Educ. 2006 May;70(5):511-7.

Kaste LM, Sreenivasan D, Koerber A, Punwani I, Fadavi S. Pediatric oral health knowledge of African American and Hispanic of Mexican origin expectant mothers. Pediatr Dent. 2007 Jul-Aug;29(4):287-92.

Koerber A, Graumlich S, Punwani IC, Berbaum ML, Burns JL, Levy SR, Cowell JM, Flay BR. Covariates of tooth-brushing frequency in low-income African Americans from grades 5 to 8. Pediatr Dent. 2006 Nov-Dec;28(6):524-30.

Koerber A, Peters KE, Kaste LM, Lopez E, Noorullah K, Torres I, Crawford JM. The views of dentists, nurses and nutritionists on the association between diabetes and periodontal disease: a qualitative study in a Latino community. J Public Health Dent. 2006 Summer;66(3):212-5.

LeHew CW, Epstein JB, Koerber A, Kaste LM. Training in the primary prevention and early detection of oral cancer: pilot study of its impact on clinicians' perceptions and intentions. Ear Nose Throat J. 2009 Jan;88(1):748-53. [See abstract.]