Alicia K. Matthews, PhD

Associate Professor of Nursing

Dr. Alicia Matthews is a clinical psychologist and an associate professor of health systems science in the UIC College of Nursing. She is a national expert on the factors associated with cancer-related health disparities among underserved populations, including African American and LGBT persons.  She is has served on three Institute of Medicine panels related to health disparities and health equity and has received multiple federally funded grant awards. Currently, Dr. Matthews is funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse to conduct a randomized clinical trial of a culturally targeted smoking-cessation intervention for LGBT smokers. 

She serves as a faculty advisor to UIC’s National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health.


Recent and Noteworthy Publications

Lee JG, Matthews AK, McCullen CA, Melvin CL. Promotion of tobacco use cessation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people: a systematic review. Am J Prev Med. 2014 Dec;47(6):823-31.

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Honors and Awards

IHRP Fellow
2014 Healthy Chicago Award
Helen Grace Diversity Scholar, UIC College of Nursing