The impact of state safe routes to school-related laws on active travel to school policies and practices in U.S. elementary schools

Health Place. 2012 Jan;18(1):8-15.
Authors: Chriqui JF, Taber DR, Slater SJ, Turner L, Lowrey KM, Chaloupka FJ.:

This study examined the relationship between state laws requiring minimum bussing distances, hazardous route exemptions, sidewalks, crossing guards, speed zones, and traffic control measures around schools and active travel to school (ATS) policies/practices in nationally representative samples of U.S. public elementary schools between 2007–2009. The state laws and school data were compiled through primary legal research and annual mail-back surveys of principals, respectively. Multivariate logistic and zero-inflated poisson regression indicated that all state law categories (except for sidewalks) relate to ATS. These laws should be considered in addition to formal safe routes to school programs as possible influences on ATS.

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