External Advisory Board

The Institute for Health Research and Policy (IHRP) strives for high quality in all our work. To support this goal, the institute established an external advisory board of nationally respected health and health policy researchers in 2004 to advise our leadership, researchers, and administrators.

We are honored that these distinguished colleagues serve on the IHRP external advisory board. 

Barbara Ainsworth

Barbara Ainsworth, PhD, MPH

Professor of Exercise and Wellness
Arizona State University


David Altman

David Altman, PhD

Executive Vice President, Research, Innovation, and Product Development
Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, NC


Laurence Branch

Laurence G. Branch, PhD

Professor, Community and Family Health, and Health Policy and Management
University of South Florida

Gary Cutter

Gary Cutter, PhD

Professor of Biostatistics
Head, Section on Research Methods and Clinical Trials
University of Alabama at Birmingham 
Karen Emmons

Karen M. Emmons, PhD

Vice-President, Research & Director
Kaiser Foundation Research Institute
Edward Lichtenstein

Edward Lichtenstein, PhD

Senior Scientist
Oregon Research Institute, Eugene
Guy Parcel

Guy S. Parcel, PhD

John P. McGovern Professor in Health Promotion
The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Alexander Wagenaar

Alexander C. Wagenaar, PhD

Professor, Epidemiology and Health Policy Research
Institute for Child Health Policy
University of Florida, Gainesville